25 years of Belgians in space
October 6, 2017

Sponsor prospectus

We are pleased to announce this meeting which will take place at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK•CEN) on 6th of October, 2017 in the presence of the Belgian astronaut Frank De Winne. This meeting is a perfect opportunity for sponsors to interact with a broad audience of professionals from existing and emerging markets active in space research and applications.

The Organizing Committee has held the registration fees low in order to allow maximum participation by scientists, engineers, young investigators, technicians from universities, research institutes and the industrial sector. We expect to welcome at least 150 participants, most of them from Belgium and the Netherlands, but also from other European countries and even from outside Europe.  Therefore, this conference is the most effective way to meet your (potential) Benelux customers and most European opinion leaders in the field of space research and applications at the same time.

The event aims to foster new (commercial) partnerships for space exploration. It offers a unique opportunity to learn about what scientists and companies have to offer. By becoming part of it, companies can join in for highly interactive discussions on future exploration missions and develop their role in this endeavour.

The venue and conference schedule have been chosen to maximize the opportunities for sponsors and participants to interact. The location at the Lake House of Mol guarantees an integrated meeting site where exhibitions, conferences and coffee breaks take place in the same area.

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