25 years of Belgians in space
October 6, 2017

YouSpace Mentors/Mentees Evening Event

18.30 - 18.35: Welcome address - Sarah Baatout
18.35 - 18.40: YouSpace - Dominique Tilmans
18.40 - 20.10: 7 min Pecha Kucha presentations and testimonies working in the field of space life sciences and medicine :
  • BSc: Sophie Compère (Nutrition on Mars: feeding astronauts with the MELiSSA project), Randy Vermeesen (Fighting cancer with space research)
  • MSc : Greta Lamers (Archae and the Martian environment) , Paulus Laanen (Terraforming Mars: Building a Second Home), Richard Deyhle (Space animal models)
  • PhD students: Merel van Walleghem (Impact of space conditions on the immune system - Studying space on Earth)
  • Postdocs: Bo Byloos (Extraction of minerals from rocks with bacteria in space), Bjorn Baselet (Shot through the heart: astronauts at risk?), Boris Hespeels (Breaking bad? Asexual bdelloids rotifers as a model system for space research)
  • Prof: JL Gala (B-LiFE deployable laboratory and space technologies: a model of multidisciplinary integration)
20.20: Concluding remarks by Sarah Moens – YouSpace
20.30: Walking dinner and exchange between Space Mentors/Space Mentees

For the good organization we already thank you for confirming your presence to contact@youspace.be