Laboratory for neutron activation analysis

Neutron activation analysis (NAA) is a sensitive nuclear analytical technique for multi-elemental analysis of major and trace elements in samples from almost every field of interest or for any matrix.

In NAA the sample is bombarded with neutrons in a nuclear reactor, causing the elements to form radioactive isotopes and afterwards counted via gamma-ray spectrometry allowing fingerprinting the composition of the sample.

NAA allows discrete sampling of elements as it disregards the chemical form an element in the sample, and focuses solely on its nucleus and is therefore complementary to most chemical techniques.
NAA has the advantage of being matrix independent, multi-element (more than 60 elements can be determined within one run), very sensitive and most important, very accurate. Recently, this lead to the recognition of NAA as a primary technique in elemental analysis.

Neutron activation analysis


Contact: Liesel Sneyers