Accreditation and certification

Our nuclear measurements service was the first Belgian nuclear laboratory ever to be accredited: it obtained its certificate in 1995 from Beltest (currently BELAC).

At this moment the following test-laboratories have achieved an accreditation by Belac which officialy proves their competence to execute a very specific service as described in the so-called scope:

  • Gammaspectrometry
  • Non Destructive Analysis
  • Reactordosimetry
  • Radiochemical Analysis
  • Low Level Radioactivity Measurements
  • Mechanical Tests
  • Dosimetry
  • Anthropogammametry

SCKCEN also has obtained Belac accredition for two calibration laboratories with their own specific scope:

  • Nuclear Calibrations

Following processes are certified according to ISO 9001:

QFor Certificat

Environmental certification ISO 14001 for “Low Level Radioactivity Measurements”