The BR2 refurbishment

We are pleased to announce the successful and unimpeded restart of our BR2 reactor. The first radioisotope productions have been completed and during the next cycles the volume will be ramped up. Our rejuvenated neutron source is available again, ready to go for another 10 years at least, to fulfill its global societal goals of assuring safe nuclear power, supplying radioisotopes to nuclear medicine and NTD silicon to the high power electronics industry, and developing future materials and fuels for the nuclear community.

Future plans

Ambitious perspectives for BR2's fourth era of operation

A rejuvenated BR2 as an open user facility

BR2 for the reliable supply of isotopes

BR2 as an incredibly flexible tool for studying future fusion materials



BR2 refurbishment 2015-2016: Motivation, Milestones & Operation perspective

February 2015 Reactor stop 
March 2015  Unloading of all loading elements from the reactor 
August 2015   Unloading of the beryllium matrix 
January 2016   Loading of the new matrix 
Until mid-2016  Validation of the new matrix and testing of all systems 

July 2016

Restart of the reactor

Status updates

September 2016
Succesfull restart and first full power cycle

July 2016
Refurbishment completed 

June 2016

Status of the refurbishment

March 2016

Status of the refurbishment

November 2015

Status of the refurbishment

May 2015

Status of the refurbishment

March 2015

Typical assembly of a BR2 reactor channel