Academic session: BR2, the 4th era
October 28, 2016


After a successful refurbishment, BR2 has started its operation with its fourth core in summer 2016. On this memorable occasion, SCK•CEN is organizing an academic session in the presence of HRH Princess Astrid.

This academic session gathers all invited stakeholders around this beacon of advanced nuclear research to exchange views on the role of nuclear research and its position in todays’ society. The aim of this event is to share the future directions in science, medicine and energy and how the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre contributes to tomorrows world through BR2's unique infrastructure, which is currently again the most performing installation of its kind in Europe.


  • Welcome address // D. Gosselin - Chairman of the Board of Governors of SCK•CEN
  • The BR2 reactor: a facility with important societal impact // E. van Walle - Director-General of SCK•CEN
  • BR2 as support for long-term operation of nuclear power plants // P. Van Troeye - CEO ENGIE-Benelux & Electrabel
  • BR2 as an international support for medical applications // J.-M. Vanderhofstadt - Director-General of IRE, President of AIPES
  • BR2 an important facility for the NNSA HEU to LEU conversion efforts // J. Stevens - Manager, Research and Test Reactors Department - ANL (USA)
  • BR2 as tool for testing materials for the future: fusion reactors // G. Federici - Head of Department PPPT of Eurofusion
  • Curiosity driven particle physics research at BR2 and its societal benefits // J. D'Hondt - Director of the Interuniversity Institute of High Energies - VUB
  • The 10 elements of BR2: a renewed unique installation readyfor the future generation // S. Van Dyck - BR2 Reactor Manager


More information: BR2 refurbisment