2nd Annual Workshop of the FIRST-Nuclides project
November 5 - 7, 2013


FAST / Instant Release of Safety Relevant Radionuclides from Spent Nuclear Fuel

EURATOM, EC FP7, Collaborative Project

5th – 7th November, 2013 - Radisson BLU Astrid Hotel, Antwerp, Belgium

Organised by SCK•CEN -  Co-sponsored by ONDRAF/NIRAS


The FIRST-Nuclides project (www.firstnuclides.eu) is established with the overall objective to provide improved understanding of the fast / instantly released radionuclides from disposed high burn-up UO2 spent nuclear fuel. The knowledge and data obtained will reduce the uncertainties and will provide realistic data on the relevant radionuclide release for the Safety Case leading to an increased confidence in capability of predictions.

The Project Workshops is a key element in the implementation of the project. The main focus of the Workshop is the discussion of scientific and technical project results obtained at the end of the second year of the project. Details on the work program, joint activities and training measures will be discussed and agreed upon. Communication and dissemination of results to a broader interested community is another important issue of the workshop. The topical session deals with general scientific-technical aspects relevant to the project.

Additionally, the project participants will have the opportunity to discuss administrative and future implementation issues. The project workshop is open to external participants who are highly welcome.