2nd Workshop: Drawing lessons from stem cells and animal models outside the radiation field
June 16 - 17, 2015



Context of the workshop:

This workshop is financially supported by the EU-FP7-OPERRA (Open Project for European Radiation Research Area) activities. Long-term animal studies have played fundamental roles for studies on radiation effects providing important complementary data to those obtained from human epidemiological studies.

Aim of the workshop:

The aim of this workshop is :

  • To integrate research activities outside the radiation protection field to promote continuing development of suitable whole animal models for radiation carcinogenesis and non- cancer diseases at low doses which bear clear relationships to human diseases.
  • To integrate current knowledge on stem cells models into radiobiological studies at low doses.

A list of existing studies with recommendations for key animal models will be performed.

  • Animal models to be selected to assess diseases of relevant tissues and organs, including the immune and hematopoietic systems, heart, brain and in embryology following exposure to low dose radiation.
  • A roadmap for further collaboration between radiation and non-radiation specialists will be discussed.
  • Identification of laboratories and institutions having experience in animal models and stem cell research that are adaptable to radiation research.