5th Symposium on Medical Radioisotopes 2015-2020: production and transportation challenges
May 5, 2015


Registration and welcome coffee08:4509:15

Introductory address
Frank Deconinck, chair of the Organising Committee, and Honorary President of SCK•CEN

Session 1: Perspectives of medical radioisotope production for 202009:3010:30

Chair: Yvan Bruynseraede

Lecture 1 | Bernard Ponsard (SCK•CEN, Belgium)
Medical radioisotope production in research reactors

Lecture 2 | Jean-Michel Geets (IBA, Belgium)
Medical radioisotope production in accelerators

Coffee break and poster session10:3011:00
Session 2: Distribution challenges of medical radioisotopes11:0012:00

Chair: Michel Giot

Lecture 3 | Juul Rijpkema (Mallinckrodt, The Netherlands)
Distribution chain from reactor to patient

Lecture 4 | Rob Dekkers (GE Healthcare, The Netherlands)
Distribution chain from accelerator to patient

Lecture 5 | Nathan De Valck (Brussels Airport Company, Belgium)
Efforts at the airport to comply with Good Distribution Practice Guidelines

Lunch and poster session12:0013:30
Session 3: Breakthroughs in the use of medical radioisotopes13:3014:30

Chair: Tony Lahoutte

Lecture 6 | François-Xavier Hanin (Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium)
Innovations in nuclear imaging

Lecture 7 | Matthias D'Huyvetter (Vrije Universiteit Brussel and SCK•CEN)
Innovations in cancer treatment

Session 4: Prospects for radiopharmaceuticals14:3015:30

Chair: André Luxen

Lecture 8 | Richard Zimmermann (Chrysalium, France)
Perspectives for radiopharmaceuticals

Lecture 9 | Philippe van Put (Ire-Elit, Belgium)
Introduction of new radioisotopes and associated radiopharmaceuticals

Poster prize ceremony15:3015:45

Serge Goossens, President of EITA


Eric van Walle, Director General of SCK•CEN