Detailed decay spectroscopy at ISOL@MYRRHA
April 23 - 25, 2012



We are organizing a series of topical workshops gathering experts from the different disciplines ISOL@MYRRHA is aiming at. After the workshop dedicated to fundamental interactions, with this new workshop we intend to establish the physics case for ISOL@MYRRHA in the field of detailed decay spectroscopy. The aim is fourfold:

  • investigate the physics case in more detail, thereby identifying unique and world-leading scientific opportunities for the RIB program at ISOL@MYRRHA,
  • collect information on the instrumentation required for experiments at ISOL@MYRRHA,
  • gather the necessary input for the design study (i.e. aspects influencing the lay-out of the experimental hall, required RIBs, etc.)
  • set up a Users Group of researchers interested in potentially using the facility.

The workshop is organized in the framework of the WOG project “Exotische kernen als laboratorium voor de fundamentele interacties” 2011 funded by FWO.