HOTLAB 2015 Leuven, Belgium
September 27 - October 1, 2015

Social Programme

Networking is a major benefit of HOTLAB conference. The social events help connect the conference delegates and are included in the registration fee.

Welcome Drink

Get in touch before the conference starts at the HOTLAB 2015 Welcome Drink. The Welcome Drink will take place from 18.00 – 20.00 on Sunday September 27th 2015 in the lobby of the Park Inn Hotel. It will be preceded by a pre-registration which ensures a smooth registration prior to the conference.

HOTLAB 2015 Dinner

The conference dinner will take place on Monday 28th of September 2015 in De Hoorn. If you have an accompanying guest for the conference dinner and visit to the brewery (Wednesday 30th September), or you and your guest prefer vegetarian meals, please send an email to


Brewery De Hoorn is the cradle of Stella Artois. In this building the first Stella Artois was brewed in 1926 as a special Christmas beer. The name Stella Artois is composed of the Latin word for star (Stella) and the name of the founder of the brewery Sebastiaan Artois.

In te 18th century the master brewer Artois acquires an Inn called Den Hoorn (built in 1366) and turns it into a brewery. The name of the Inn (The horn) refers to the hunting grounds of the counts of Leuven. A hunting horn and Anno 1366 are still incorporated in the Stella Artois label. The oldest part of the present building dates from 1922 and is named after the historical brewery.

The diner will be preceded by a guided tour through the city of Leuven. On this trip (approximately 1.5 hour) a guide will take you on a journey along old pubs and local breweries,  telling the story of this beer capital.

The city of Leuven

Leuven is situated in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, at about 20 Km east of Brussels. Leuven is renowned all over the world for its University, one of the oldest still existing catholic universities in the world, founded in 1425.

Leuven presents a panoply of beautiful monuments such as the Town hall, St. Peter's Church (with the famous 15th century painting of Dirk Bouts ' The Last Supper ', the old Beguinage, the University Library, the St. Michael's Church and the University Hall.

The name Leuven also instantly brings beer to mind. Beer culture is after all an inescapable aspect of the city. Not only is Leuven the home of Stella Artois, you will also find the longest bar in the world there at the Oude Markt, along with the domestic brewery Domus. All through the year the city of Leuven presents a lively atmosphere because of the many students from all over Belgium  (and the world). Especially in the evening, and certainly at night, the many bars and students cafés, spread all over the town, guarantee that there is always something happening.

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