ICEM2013: 15th international conference on environmental remediation and radioactive waste management
September 8 - 12, 2013


ICEM promotes a broad global exchange of information on technologies, operations, management approaches, economics and public policies in the critical areas of environmental remediation and radioactive waste management. The conference provides a unique opportunity to foster cooperation among specialists from countries with mature environmental management programs and those from countries with emerging programs. Attendees include scientists, engineers, technology developers, equipment suppliers, government officials, utility representatives and owners of environmental problems.


Technical areas covered at ICEM 2013 Include:


  1. Track 1: Low/Intermediate-Level (L/ILW) Radioactive Waste Management
  2. Track 2: Spent Fuel, Fissile Material, Transuranic (TRU)
  3. Track 3: Facility Decontamination and Decommissioning (D&D)
  4. Track 4: Environmental Remediation (ER)
  5. Track 5: Environmental Management (EM)/Public Involvement/Crosscutting Issues/Global Partnering


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