Managing, handling and modelling uncertainty in structural engineering codes
September 30, 2014

In memoriam


Prof Dr Da Ruan

The inter-university platform for mastering uncertainty in engineering was founded in commemoration of the Late Da Ruan, who worked at SCK•CEN for almost twenty years.


Da Ruan was born in Shanghai where he spent a happy youth in the international metropolis. Full of vigour and dynamism, he completed his studies at Changzhi High School in 1979 with distinctive results which earned him the admission to Fudan University, one of the top 4 universities in China. After four years he graduated with Honours and became an Associate Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at Fudan University. In 1986 he was selected as an excellent youth scholar to study at Ghent University. In 1987 he joined prof. Etienne Kerre’s research group on Fuzziness and Uncertainty Modelling and he received his Ph.D. degree in mathematics in 1990. After receiving his Ph. D. degree he became a postdoc at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre in Mol. This was the beginning of an illustrious career.


Da was a quick thinker and he surpassed many others with his energy and indefatigability. He was an excellent leader. In 1994 at only 34 years old he took the initiative to establish the FLINS (Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent technologies in Nuclear Science) conference series, which grew to become the world’s leading conference in the fuzzy information processing field. He continued to play a leading role by establishing the ISKE (Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Engineering) international conference series. This year the 8th edition received more than 550 submissions! He also founded the International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems (IJCIS) which in a few years has acquired a top journal status.


Da has authored about 120 peer-reviewed papers in the research fields of fuzzy logic, fuzzy decision making, computational intelligence, risk management and in particular the application of these advanced techniques in real-world nuclear science and nuclear industry . These papers were published in leading international journals. He co-authored about 100 book chapters and international conference papers. He edited 20 research books for world publishers such as Springer and Kluwer.


Prof. Lotfi Zadeh, the inventor of fuzzy logic, wrote in the foreword of the book “A tribute to Prof Dr Da Ruan”: His passing away is an irreparable loss that will be keenly felt in coming years.


Didier De Buyst