Managing, handling and modelling uncertainty in structural engineering codes
September 30, 2014

SCK•CEN supports the inter-university platform for mastering uncertainty in engineering


Engineers try to fight on a daily base every kind of uncertainty whether in their design calculations, in their numerical models, in their financial assumptions or even in their decision making. It is obvious that engineers want to get rid of uncertainty or at least will try to minimize it. Uncertainty quantification based on mathematical models applied to engineering is becoming increasingly important but paradoxically research in this field in Belgium is fairly scattered and integration and consolidation in practical engineering applications could be improved.

With this intent a platform for exchange of experience, know-how and knowledge between the academic world and industry was founded by Dr. ir. Didier De Buyst, Member of the SCK•CEN Board of Governors, and prof. Dr. ir. Jozef Van Dyck, Managing Director of D’Appolonia Belgium and part-time professor at the KULeuven. It is supported by SCK•CEN and hosted by ie-net® NPO. Seminars and workshops are organized to cover different engineering domains (mechanics, hydrodynamics, nuclear, civil, ICT, etc.) with the focus on mastering uncertainty as a common theme.