Managing, handling and modelling uncertainty in structural engineering codes
September 30, 2014

Past events


Mastering Uncertainty in Engineering – 4 November 2013

During our first seminar "Mastering Uncertainty in Engineering" we focused on general themes such as consequence simulation, implementation of Safety Integrity Levels (SIL) in the mechanical industry, nuclear data in safety related calculations and we ended with some case studies of uncertainty modeling applications (risk of towing an oil drill platform on the oceans, the Tower of Pisa and the Messina bridge).

The key-note speaker was ir. Karel De Boeck, CEO of Dexia Holding with a lecture on “Measuring and managing financial risks: internal risk appetite and Basel capital rules” that mirrored, within the specific and highly complex framework of the financial world, the common theme that came forward in most of the talks: one strives towards an objective framework to determine design parameters (in this case, capital levels) that can withstand with high certainty future “stress” variations (in this case, the aggregated loss for values at risk). 


Mastering Uncertainty in Advanced Geo-Hazard Engineering – 27 May 2014

The second seminar "Mastering Uncertainty in Advanced Geo-Hazard Engineering" addressed geo-hazard engineering with lectures on risks related to large mass movements in seismic mountain regions, potential risks and drawbacks of shale gas extraction and offshore geo-hazards, PSHA and risk assessment.

The keynote speaker was prof. Dr. E. Vanmarcke from Princeton University (who visited SCK•CEN on 28 May, see picture) with a lecture on multi-hazard geo-risk assessment, with a focus on long linear structures such as levees. Prof. Vanmarcke showed in a lucid manner how random field theory (the modeling of spatial variations) allows to relate safety calculated at single points to safety at the system level and how the variation of this relation with the  failure mechanism (i.e. slope stability versus piping) affects the way to calculate and monitor the risk.  

Visit of prof E. Vanmarcke

Prof. Dr. Erik Vanmarcke (in the middle) flanked by Dr. eng Didier Debuyst (member of the SCK•CEN Board of Governors and of the ie-net management committee), Peter Baeten (SCK•CEN, Advanced Nuclear Systems Institute Manager), Hamid Aït Abderrahim (SCK•CEN, MYRRHA Director)  and Bong Yoo (SCK•CEN, Primary System Design)