PHOTOTECH: Photosynthetic proteins for technological applications: biosensors and biochips – First Plenary Workshop COST Action TD1102
April 10 - 12, 2013


The PHOTOTECH Action is aimed at European scientists that work towards the design and production of biosensors based on immobilised photosynthetic proteins. Biosensor technology is a rapidly expanding discipline for the development of high performance detection devices applied to environmental and agro-food monitoring, biomedicine, industrial process control, and security measures. In parallel, applications in photo-electrochemical energy conversion are envisaged.

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PHOTOTECH members benefit from:

  • the interdisciplinary nature of the program
  • access to costly instrumentation and bench tests
  • access to deep competences in several fields
  • Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) and Training Schools
  • new established collaborations
  • contact with industrial stakeholders and end-users
  • hightened visibility to national/local funding agencies
  • training opportunities for early-stage researchers (ESRs)

The aim of this action and event are to facilitate knowledge exchange in the development of photosynthesis-based devices between scientists working in the field.