Scientific institutes & Expert groups

SCK•CEN's research activities are concentrated into 3 scientific institutes. Our fields of expertise go - literally - from the deep underground to outer space.

Institute for Nuclear Materials Science

Within the institute for Nuclear Materials Science, 6 expert groups develop and assess new and existing materials for their suitability in nuclear applications. The research realises the scientific (physical, chemical, phenomenological) and technical (experimental, empirical) follow-up and prediction of reliable functioning of the materials in their given working conditions.

Institute for Advanced Nuclear Systems

Within the institute for Advanced Nuclear Systems, 5 expert groups perform research on the development and the testing of technologies and instrumentation for new reactors. New nuclear measuring techniques, reactor modelling and reactor safety are also examined. These competences are aimed at the realisation of an innovative research installation.

Institute for Environment, Health and Safety

Within the institute for Environment, Health and Safety, 8 expert groups predominantly concentrate their efforts on potential effects of ionising radiation on our health and the environment and study the behaviour and the impact of radioactive materials in air, geosphere and biosphere. Radiation protection, decommissioning and waste disposal are the main pillars. This institute also pays attention to services, safeguards and policy support, and examines the integration of social and ethical aspects in nuclear applications.