Accelerator Project

The Accelerator Project expert group (ACP) executes all engineering with regard to the MYRRHA-accelerator.

The expert group consists of 3 units:

  • Accelerator Design & Tests
  • Balance of Plant
  • Proton Target Research

Accelerator Design & Tests

The Accelerator Design & Tests unit assures the design of the MYRRHA linear accelerator (LINAC). As accelerators are always unique in design and applications, the design covers the total scientific community of accelerators. Hence the design is executed together with a lot of European partners. The unit operates as well an ion source that has been installed at the UCL Accelerator hall and that will become the first component of the MYRRHA accelerator.

Balance of Plant

The Balance of Plant design unit is fully dedicated to the MYRRHA project and executes the design of all systems except the primary system.

The unit designs:

  • secondary and tertiary heat removal systems
  • all buildings
  • HVAC
  • adequate shielding

Next to typical nuclear aspects such as radiation protection, confinement, shielding, nuclear HVAC, … all conventional engineering disciplines and aspects are involved: process unit operations, piping, equipment, instrumentation, electricity, industrial safety, …

Proton Target Research

The current research activity of the Proton Target Research (PTR) unit is mainly focused on the production of radioactive isotopes by using the high-intensity proton beam from the MYRRHA accelerator. By the interaction of these accelerated protons with a stationary target, radioactive isotopes are created. These can then be ionized and mass separated for use in a broad range of applications, spanning from cancer treatment and medical imaging to fundamental science research.

More specifically the work of the PTR unit encompasses not only the design of this high-end isotope production facility, but also the optimization of currently used targets so that they can withstand the high-power deposited by the accelerated protons of MYRRHA. 

Next to the design of the target stations, the PTR unit is dedicated to constructing an international and multidisciplinary users community for the proton-target facility.

Finally, the unit is also involved in the SOLID project, dedicated to the search of a possible new type of neutrino at the BR2 research reactor. 


Head of Expert Group: Carmen Angulo