Nuclear Systems Physics


Engineers and physicists carry out studies in the domains of reactor core physics, reactor safety, reactor shielding, reactor thermal-hydraulics and criticality safety. As such we develop models in MCNP, MCNPX, SCALE, RELAP5-3D and SIMMER for these different types of analyses.

We are also active in code development to support and strengthen our analyses. Currently under development are ALEPH (a Monte Carlo burn-up code), DAVID (a core loading optimization tool based on evolutionary algorithms) and ANNICA (a fuel cycle scenario analysis code).

Main activities

  • Support the core design and safety evaluation of MYRRHA. We perform the basic core physics studies for MYRRHA, including irradiation capabilities and shielding. We are responsible for the development and analyses of the safety cases of this innovative facility.
  • Support the BR1 and VENUS reactors for neutronic analysis and safety studies. Especially in the framework of the FREYA project, we support the experimentalists with neutronic calculations and gather information for the verification and validation of our neutronic codes and data libraries.
  • Criticality studies for both in-house studies and external partners. Using MCNP/X and up-to-date nuclear data, we analyze
  • We represent SCK•CEN and Belgium in various international fora on the topic of reactor physics and nuclear fuel cycle (OECD/NEA, IAEA, IAEA/INPRO).
  • We contribute to the SCK•CEN Academy by providing teachers to various courses on reactor physics related subjects.


Services & Consultancy

  • ALEPH code (sale of code, training)
  • Criticality safety studies
  • Reactor physics studies

Head of Expert GroupGert Van den Eynde