RP Dosimetry and Calibration


The activities of the Radiation Protection Dosimetry and Calibration (RDC) expert group consist of both research and services. Our research is related to the quantification and characterization of ionizing radiation doses. Its aim is the methodological development of radiation detection techniques for both external and internal exposures, including simulation techniques.

We investigate and measure radiation doses in different environments like nuclear reactors and nuclear research laboratories, hospitals and even far from the Earth surface, on the International Space Station. Doses from internal contaminations are evaluated from the monitoring results from our well-equipped laboratory for Anthropogammametry.

Besides these dosimetry activities, RDC also has the infrastructure for irradiations of samples and calibrations of detectors using radioactive sources with traceability to national and international standards.

Main activities

Services & Consultancy

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Head of Expert Group

Filip Vanhavere

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