Nuclear calibrations


The Laboratory for Nuclear Calibrations (LNK) has the infrastructure for irradiations of samples and detectors using radioactive sources with traceability to national and international standards. The radioactive sources of LNK are well characterized and maintained according to international standards (ISO-4037, ISO-8529, ISO 17025…). Besides the routine calibrations, these sources are used also for research experiments proposed by LNK itself or by other research groups.

Main activities

  • Characterization of the presently installed radioactive sources
  • Characterization of new types of dosemeters
  • Development of primary standards: graphite cavity chamber for air kerma (Kair) and water calorimeter for absorbed dose to water Dw


The research activities of LNK may be of interest for:

  • Radioprotection services of the nuclear installations
  • Radiotherapy and radiology departments of the hospitals
  • Manufacturers of dosemeters
  • Geological dating based on optically stimulated luminescence (OSL)

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Filip Vanhavere, Liviu-Cristian Mihailescu

The water calorimeter as primary standard for absorbed dose to water Dw.

The water phantom used inside the water calorimeter to achieve the primary standard for absorbed dose to water Dw.

The graphite cavity chamber CC01 with additional graphite caps used primary standard for air kerma Kair.