Personal and environmental dosimetry


Personal dosimetry is a well-established field, but still constantly new developments are introduced. SCK•CEN's Radiation Protection Dosimetry and Calibration expert group is testing and improving many new techniques, and introduces them in practical applications.

In the Laboratory for Dosimetry an accredited and approved dosimetry service is run for many customers. The research in personal dosimetry helps in constantly upgrading the performance of the service. Besides this, read-out systems and luminescent techniques are developed to be used in different applications. With these devices new luminescent materials can be characterised.  

Main activities

The dosimetry research is focused on the following fields:

  • Characterization of new developed dosimetry systems, both active and passive systems. We can perform tests according to the major ISO and IEC standards.
  • Improvements of extremity dosimetry.
  • Monte Carlo simulations to improve the knowledge on dosimeter systems.
  • Development of read-out systems for optically stimulated luminescent dosemeters.


The research activities may be of interest for:

  • Radioprotection services of the nuclear installations
  • Dosimetry services
  • Manufacturers of the dosemeters
  • All kind of research activities that have a need for dosimetric measurements


Filip Vanhavere