Science and Technology Studies

Science, technology and society interact and influence each other in complex ways. A responsible approach to questioning if, when and how the development and use of nuclear technology is justified therefore requires a thorough reflection not only on techno-scientific issues, but also on social aspects (e.g. political, ethical, economic).  

The research of the group is organised in the form of the PISA programme (Programme of Integration of Social Aspects into nuclear research). Read here about the history of our research and about the spirit behind it.

As a research group within SCK-CEN, we support a responsible approach to research and innovation as a self-critical, reflexive approach, fostered by working transdisciplinary and with the participation of actors with various backgrounds and interests (civil society representatives, citizens, scientists from various disciplines, politicians, managers, …). The current research and policy support activities are organised along the following thematic areas:

 In the past years, research was also done in a number of thematic areas that may become active again in the future:

PISA members have also been involved in the development of SCK-CEN's ethical charter and the formation of SCK-CEN's ethical committee. PISA members play an active role in keeping the ethics dialogue alive and the ethical committee functional. See also:

More information:

Leaflet: Nuclear Science & Technology Studies 

Article on 15 years of PISA research:

Head of Unit: Turcanu Catrinel