In 2007 PISA started a project to investigate the motivation of states to develop or abstain from nuclear weapons.

In collaboration with the Vrije Universiteit Brussels and the University of Antwerp a literature study was performed, from which a model has been proposed for the further study of the motivations.

A PhD project has been proposed to develop this model by case studies. The aim of this work would be to form a bridge between traditional safeguards research and political sciences and is applicable to estimate the risk that a State will proliferate.

In 2005 the Centrum voor Logica en Wetenschapsfilosofie of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and PISA (SCK•CEN) organised an interactive lecture series and topical day (with guest speaker  Hans Blix) for a broad audience on "Nuclear terrorism and ethics". The results of this transdisciplinary thought exercise were gathered in the book: Nucleaire terreur. Reflecteren over voorzorg en ethiek.

Contact: van der Meer Klaas

Reference: Cornelis, G. & Eggermont, G. (2006). Nucleaire terreur. Reflecteren over voorzorg en ethiek. Academia Press, Gent.