EU and China join forces in nuclear crisis management

The European Commission will be cooperating with the People’s Republic of China with respect to the prevention and management of serious nuclear crises and for the organisation of nuclear emergency planning. The consortium that is responsible for the development of the project consists of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre together with three other leading European organisations.

The objective is to upgrade the effectiveness of the leading Chinese organisations to the best international standards and practices by sharing European knowledge and experience. This relates specifically to two main areas:

  1. Emergency planning and the management of radiological and nuclear accidents
  2. The analysis and management of serious accidents

The main task of SCK•CEN is to enhance Chinese expertise with regard to airborne monitoring (radiological measurements from the air by helicopter or small aircraft). This includes the organisation of workshops in China.
The project is supervised by the Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation (INSC) and is the first cooperation between European and Chinese authorities with regard to the preparation for, and management of radiological and nuclear emergency situations.

More information: European Commission press release

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