Hans Vanmarcke new vice-chairman of United Nations UNSCEAR Committee

Professor Hans Vanmarcke of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre has been appointed vice-chairman of UNSCEAR, the Scientific Committee of the United Nations that conducts research into the effects of radiation.

The United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation was founded in 1955 under the auspices of the United Nations, and incorporates scientific delegations from 27 countries. Since 2008, the Belgian representation has been led by Hans Vanmarcke, head of the SCK•CEN Radiological Impact and Performance studies and Molecular and Cellular Biology Expert Groups. UNSCEAR assesses the levels of exposure to ionising radiation and its effects, and reports directly to the United Nations General Assembly.

Hans Vanmarcke was elected vice-chairman of the organisation at the annual meeting of UNSCEAR in June 2015. His mandate runs until end 2016, and is renewable.

Governments worldwide rely on the UNSCEAR reports for the assessment of radiation risks and the implementation of protective measures. In the recent past, reports by the Committee included the nuclear accident in Fukushima, and earlier Chernobyl.

The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre warmly congratulates Hans Vanmarcke on this appointment, which is also a symbol of the continuous commitment of SCK•CEN to use its expertise for the protection against radiation and nuclear safety around the world.

All UNSCEAR reports can be consulted on www.unscear.org in the Publications section.

Professor Hans Vanmarcke