Neutron and gamma irradiations in the BR1 reactor

Our offer

At the BR1 reactor we offer different neutron and gamma irradiation facilities. The reactor is operated on a daily basis (7 h of operation/day) at power levels up to 700 kW. Operation up to 1 MW is possible for time periods of a few hours.


  • Material Activation for the production of radioactive tracer´s for the automotive and chemical industry.
  • Irradiations for Neutron Activation Analyses (NAA).
  • Radiation resistance assessment of various high-tech components used in 'space' and 'nuclear industry' like electronic components used in satellites, Fibre Bragg Gratings (FBG), temperature sensors and diagnostic windows for fusion reactors (ITER), and fission gas sensors for fission reactors.
  • Calibration of neutron and gamma ray detectors in the neutron standard or gamma ray reference fields.
  • Neutrography: a technique complementary to the X-ray radiography, for non-destructive testing of light materials.
  • Doping of silicon in crystals of up to 8" diameter.

Our equipment

The BR1 reactor offers a variety of facilities for neutron and gamma irradiations, including standard thermal and fast 235U fission neutron fields. The main facilities are summarised below.

Irradiation facilities


Irradiation channels up to 24 cm2 x 4 m length
  • In core
1011 n/cm2.s (thermal)
1011 n/cm2.s (fast E> 0.1 MeV)
  • Neutron beam 

106 n/cm2.s

Large Cavity

  • Empty (standard thermal neutron fields)
109 n/cm2.s (pure thermal) 
  • Cylindrical converter (fission neutron field)
108 n/cm2.s (fast E> 0.1 MeV)
  • Spherical converter (mixed neutron fields) 
107 n/cm2.s (thermal)
108 n/cm2.s (fast E> 0.1 MeV) 
  • Cylindrical converter (gamma field)
0.8-25 Gy/h 

Neutron flux distribution along Y4 channel (at 700 kW reactor power)

Neutron spectra for the possible irradiation configurations in the large cavity

Contact: Bart Van HoudtJan Wagemans