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Due to the availability of high neutron fluxes (thermal neutron flux up to 1015 n/cm².s), the BR2 reactor is considered as a major facility through its contribution for a continuous supply of products. The BR2 reactor offers irradiation services for the production of radioisotopes for:

Medical applications


  • 99Mo (99mTc) : oncology, cardiology, …
  • 133Xe : lung function


  • 192Ir : brachytherapy
  • 125I : brachytherapy (prostate cancer)
  • 131I : thyroid cancer
  • 169Er : injection (synoviorthesis) in rheumatoid digital joints, …
  • 177Lu : solid tumors
  • 188W (188Re) : cardiology

Palliation of metastatic bone pain

  • 153Sm
  • 86Re
  • 89Sr
  • 90Y
  • 188W (188Re)

Industrial applications (radiography of welds, radiotracers, ...)

  • Radiography of welds: 192Ir
  • Sterilization : 60Co
  • Chemistry : 203Hg, 82Br, 41Ar

Basic research

  • Nuclear fuel cycle : 147Nd, ...

A reliable and qualitative supply of radioisotopes is provided to the customers in accordance with a quality system that has been certified to the requirements of the "EN ISO 9001 : 2000". This new Quality System Certificate has been obtained in December 2006 for the "Production of radioisotopes for medical and industrial applications" in the BR2 reactor.

Special efforts will be made to develop the production of radioisotopes for targeted alpha therapy, especially 227Ac. Alpha emitters are among the most potent sources for lethal irradiation of single tumor cells because of their short ranging and highly ionizing radiation. They can thus be promising tools to treat all such cancers whose cells are accessible to these emitters in the human body.

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Contact: Bernard Ponsard, Project Manager 'Radioisotopes and NTD-Silicon'

SCK•CEN is member of, the Belgian network for radiation applications in healthcare, a structure aimed at promoting this concept worldwide.

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