Neutron doped silicon production

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Doped silicon is a perfect semi-conductor for high energy electrical applications such as wind turbines, solar energy installations, hybrid vehicles and high speed trains. This semi-conductor facilitates the efficient transport of electricity over very long distances. All these applications require very homogenous doped silicon – our speciality thanks to the BR2 reactor.

BR2 reactor

Neutron Transmutation Doped (NTD) silicon is produced for the semiconductor industry in the SIDONIE (Silicon Doping by Neutron Irradiation Experiment) facility, which is designed to continuously rotate and traverse the silicon through the neutron flux. These combined movements produce exceptional dopant homogeneity in batches of silicon measuring 4 and 5 inches in diameter by up to 750 mm in length.

The construction of POSEIDON (POol Side Equipment for Irradiation and DOping of silicon by Neutrons) in 2008, a new NTD silicon Pool Side Facility, increased BR2's NTD silicon capability and meet today's increasing demand for irradiation of 6 and 8 inches diameter silicon ingots.

A reliable and qualitative supply of NTD-silicon is provided to the customers in accordance with a quality system that has been certified to the requirements of "EN ISO 9001 : 2000". This new Quality System Certificate has been obtained in December 2006 for the "Production of Neutron Transmutation Doped (NTD) Silicon" in the BR2 reactor.

BR1 reactor

High resistivity NTD silicon can be obtained in the BR1 reactor. Thanks to its large irradiation channels, silicon crystals of up to 8 inch can be irradiated. The low neutron flux gradients ensure high dopant homogeneity without the need of crystal transposition or rotation during the irradiation.

Our equipment

  • BR2 (Belgian Reactor 2)
  • BR1 (Belgian Reactor 1) 


Contact BR2: Bernard Ponsard, Project Manager 'Radioisotopes and NTD-Silicon'

Contact BR1: Bart Van Houdt, head of the Nuclear Systems Operation unit