Low-level radioactivity measurements

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The Low-level Radioactivity Measurements (LRM) expert group identifies and quantifies low levels of radioactivity in a variety of  samples.  The origin of the radioactivity in those materials can be natural or man-made.
We are specialised in monitoring and quantifying radioactivity in:

  • Food and feeding stuff (e.g. in the frame work of export)
  • Drinking water
  • Environmental samples (surface waters, rain water, air dust, soils, sediments, vegetation)
  • Bio-assay samples (nose-blow, urine, faeces) for routine follow up of professionally exposed workers or for special monitoring
  • NORM samples (e.g. waste stream products from manufacturing processes)
  • Low-level radioactive waste samples

Other, supporting analyses performed in our laboratories are:

  • Determination of trace amounts in various solid and liquid samples with neutron activation analysis (NAA)
  • Determination of uranium concentrations in liquid samples using Time Resolved Kinetic Phosphorescence Analysis (TR-KPA)

Most of our analysis methods are accredited conform to ISO-17025. The accreditation is granted by the Belgian Accreditation organisation BELAC and is subject to a yearly audit.


  • Radioactivity analysis of food and feeding stuff, including certification
  • Sampling and radioactivity analysis of environmental samples
  • Bio-assay measurements (nose-blow, urine, faeces)
  • Low-level radioactivity analysis of samples originating in dismantling activities of nuclear installations
  • Element analysis using neutron activation analysis and TR-KPA

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LRM is structured in several laboratories, each specialised in a particular nuclear measurement technique and or chemical separation technique.

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