Our offer

SCK•CEN's dosimetry service has over 50 years of experience in the dosimetric monitoring of people professionally exposed to ionizing radiation.

To cater to the legal obligations, SCK•CEN offers number of dosemeters which depend on the risk and the type of work. There is a distinction between:

  • Personal dosemeter
  • Finger or extremity dosemeter
  • Eye lens dosemeter
  • Environmental dosimetry

We watch independently over the fact that you always have the correct doses and raise immediately alarm if a dose limit is exceeded. Through a modern online client-server model always all doses and changes can be entered in a smooth way. We also give support in formatting documents or electronic tables for the Government.

Our dosemeters are accredited by the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control, and are accredited according to ISO17025 by BELAC.

More information: Dosimetry website


Personal dosemeter

Personal dosemeter based on thermoluminescent materials.

Additional information and specifications can be found here.

Finger dosemeter

Finger dosemeter which consists of a plastic ring with a thermoluninescent tablet.

This is carried to the hands when a high dose can be incurred such as: working in glove boxes, manipulations of resources or performing actions under x-rays.

Eye lens dosemeter

Environmental dosemeter

These dosemeters are used to measure ionising radiation on a particular place during a particular period.



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