Mechanical and corrosion analysis

Our offer

SCK•CEN offers a wide range of mechanical and corrosion testing services for nuclear materials in irradiated and not irradiated condition.

Typical services provided are destructive Post-Irradiation Examination (PIE) such as: tensile, Charpy impact, hardness, fracture toughness, fatigue, Pellini, crack growth, swelling, creep, burst or slow strain rate testing.

Nuclear environments such as liquid lead bismuth or PWR/BWR water chemistry can be replicated and their effect on mechanical behaviour studied.

Testing can be performed under a strict Quality Assurance programme enforced through a Belac accreditation.

In addition to tailored Mechanical or Corrosion testing programmes, SCK•CEN also provides specific services for:

  • Surveillance programmes: Monitoring of reactor pressure vessel embrittlement according to the prevailing regulation.
  • Master curve: On-line master curve analysis of homogeneous and heterogeneous data set.
  • Precracking service: Fatigue cracking of small to large batch of most commonly used fracture toughness specimens.


  • Research and development of nuclear materials
  • Nuclear materials monitoring, qualification or licensing
  • Nuclear materials Quality Assurance
  • Support to structural safety analysis

Our equipment

  • Laboratory for High and Medium Activity
  • Various universal testing machines with a capacity of 1 kN to 3 MN
  • Several Charpy impact machines with a capacity from 30 J to 300 J
  • Drop weight tower with a capacity of 1700 J
  • Environmental chambers for cryogenic (-196 °C) to ultrahigh temperature (2000 °C)
  • Vickers and Rockwell testors
  • Autoclaves for PWR/BWR and Lead bismuth (PbBi) conditions
  • Potentiodynamic techniques and impedance measurements

Contact: Konstantinovic Milan